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Home Light Commercial CDU Super Digital Inverter 4 Series

Super Digital Inverter 4 Series

Super Digital Inverter 4 Series

The Super Digital Inverter, 4 series, sets a new limit for the industry energy performance.

  • Advanced air management system: high efficiency fan motors, larger fans and new fan grille design.
  • Piping and operating limits improved. The new system can work at extremely low temperatures, in cooling and heating. Admitted pipe length is up to 75 m.
  • The structure and magnetic action of the new Eco-driving twin-rotary compressors provide excellent energy performance at full load as well as in partial load conditions (operation down to 10 rps).
  • Long pipe runs, up to 75 m length and 30 m elevation for increased installation flexibility (4HP/6HP).
  • Wide operating range: down to -15 °C in cooling mode and down to -20 °C in heating mode (2HP/6HP).
  • Intelligent Power Drive Unit, which produces a power supply whose wide range of frequencies and voltage provide superb control and energy efficiency.







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