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Big Digital Inverter

Big Digital Inverter

The Big DI three phases inverter units proposes an alternative cost competitive solution for medium size applications like shop and small office buildings.

  • This system is the ideal solution in case of a large volume with single temperature control as it allows simultaneous operation of 2, 3 or up to 4 identical indoor units with the branching kit options.
  • Cost competitive solution for high capacity applications of up to 27 kW** cooling, concentrated in only 0.29 m2 footprint.
  • Toshiba top high-tech features: twin rotary DC compressor, DC fan motor, new propeller fan, vector controlled inverter and a 3-row heat exchanger.
  • Wide operation range down to -20 °C in heating mode, down to -15 °C and up to 46 °C in cooling mode: comfortable environment throughout the whole year.
  • Small footprint.
  • Long pipe run. Installations can reach up to 70m in total length and 30m in elevation.



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