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Home Leading Innovation The Toshiba Multi-System

The Toshiba Multi-System

When it is necessary to air condition more than just one room, the line-up of Toshiba’s multi-split systems GAV series can be a perfect solution. One outdoor unit is capable of operating 2, 3 or 4 indoor units of your choice, indoor styles are designed to compliment the interior of many homes.

The Toshiba GAV Inverter Multi-System gives you a wide range of choices to create your desired comfort level. Choose from a flexible and efficient selection of Toshiba Multi System - Up to 4 roomsinterior units for up to four rooms: 

  • Advance air cleaning through Toshiba 7-in-1 Filtration System tackles odours, bacteria, allergens and viruses. Its self-cleaning mechanism protects against the build up of mould.
  • A wide range of features means that ultimate comfort is at hand. Super Quiet, Comfort Sleep and multiple airflow controls facility place an idyllic atmosphere at your fingertips.
  • Compact design is key to modern living. To save space, one external compressor has been customised to serve up to four indoor units, and is supported by extra-long piping up to 70 m for installation throughout your home.
  • Stay comfortable for less with Toshiba's advanced energy-saving technology. The Toshiba Inverter System consumes 20% less electricity against fixed-speed models.


Small Unit - Big Advantages

Toshiba Multi-System outdoor units GAV series are lightweight and compact. With only SmallUnitBigAdvantages.gifone outdoor unit for 4 indoor units, the noise is significantly lower than 1:1 systems, it takes up much less space on your walls and keeps your environment neat and peaceful. 

The compact outdoor units of Toshiba can be installed easily at any facade or on an adequate place on the roof, balcony etc. The design is simple and unobtrusive and does not disturb the ambience.

  • Outdoor unit pre-charged with CFC-free refrigerant R410A
  • Galvanised steel housing covered with cream white paint
  • Compact design (55x78x29 cm)
  • With variable speed controlled twin rotary compressor, designed for minimized noise levels and seamless control
  • Large, air-cooled and bent heat exchanger for small space requirements