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Home Leading Innovation Super Oxi-Deo Filter

Super Oxi-Deo Filter

Toshiba Super Oxi-Deo is a combination of coffee bean extract, Vitamin C and Super Zeolite filters. Works as an anti-oxidant and deodoriser.




Advance technology combines the double anti-oxidizing power of Coffee extract and Vitamin C to remove harmful oxidants from the air. Deodorizing action of Super Zeolite helps reduce nasty odours. Toshiba Super Oxi-Deo filter removes formaldehyde, ammonia, methyl-melcaptane, acetaldehyde and other detrimetal gases from air.




  • Coffee Bean has anti-aging and antioxidant properties. 
  • Vitamin C protects skin by neutralising free radicals that could harm skin and its components.
  • Super Zeolite (combining Zeolite and Titanium Dioxide) deodorises and cleans the air, removing chemicals and odours.



Clean Super Oxi-Deo filter with a vacuum cleaner. Rinse gently and dry an sunlight for 3-6 hours to refresh the filter.Lifetime of Toshiba Super Oxi-Deo filter - 2 years.