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Learn about IAQ Filter

Toshiba new IAQ filter is the latest product of the Toshiba laboratories for improving the indoor air quality of the residential air conditioners. Toshiba IAQ technology is able to seriously inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria and viruses (including avian influenca).

The experience gathered with all the previous filtration devices has led to this highly effective device that purify the air without reducing the air flow capacity of the unit. With this Toshiba air filtration system the air becomes purer, fresher and healthier ensuring optimum comfort for the whole family. Your house will feel like it has been spring cleaned every day!










TOSHIBA IAQ Filter Characteristicsiaq-plain.png

TOSHIBA new filter contains silver and Leuconostoc enzyme (One of the Enzyme extracted from “Kimchi”)

  • Anti bacteria: destroys up to 99,9% of bacteria
  • Deodorizing power: Absorbs and decomposes smoke, ammonia, volatile organics, food smells and bad odors
  • Prevent mould formation: Inhibits the formation of mould and fungi formation
  • Anti virus: Avian influenza virus (H5N1)


Maintaining your deodorizing and cleaning

Clean every 3-6 months when dust tuck or cover the filter.

  1. Recommend to use Vacuum cleaner to clean by sucking the dusts  which stick or dip inside the filter or use the blower to blow the dust go out through the filter.
  2. If necessary to use water to clean, simply use the plain water to wash the filter, dry with the sunlight for 3-4 hours or until it completely dry. Nevertheless, use hair drier to dry it. However, washing with water, it may reduce the performance of the filter.
  3. Replace every 2 years or sooner.