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Home Leading Innovation Fixed-Speed Vs. Inverter

Fixed-Speed Vs. Inverter

The difference is the way the compressor system operates.

Fixed-speed Systemconventional fixed speed.png

A fixed-speed system takes longer to lower the temperature of a room, as the compressor works at the same speed. This means that the room tends to  be over-cooled. Furthermore, a fixed-speed compressor works on an on/off system, resulting in a drastic change in temperature.

This causes the following disadvantages:

  • A feeling of discomfort due to the rapid temperature fluctuations of the on/off compressor.
  • Energy is wasted every time the system is triggered to switch itself back on.








Inverter Systemconventional inverter.png

The inverter system continuously changes the compressor revolution speed. By increasing the compressor speed, a room’s temperature can be instantly lowered. It will automatically slow down once the room is cooled.

The benefits are:

  • A more comfortable environment without unnecessary temperature fluctuation.
  • High energy savings as the compressor does not have to keep restarting.