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Advancing the Eco-Evolution

As relative newcomers in the evolution of the Earth, it’s undeniable that humankind has had a greater impact on our planet’s eco-system than any other life form.


 All organisms to some extent affect change on our global environment, but none quite as fast and drastic as humans. Many scientists agree that human activity has accelerated pollution and climatic changes beyond the natural evolutionary process.

Globally, levels of carbon dioxide and average regional temperatures rise at alarming rates, impacting nature and civilization. And the quality of air we breathe continues to deteriorate in the cities we live in.Advancing the Eco Evolution.png

Toshiba Eco.png

Whatever the causes, the message is clear: the future is up to us all, and we can do more to make things better.





 The core of Toshiba Air Conditioning’s philosophy is a profound respect for our global environment and thepassionate pursuit toward improving the quality of life for our customers worldwide.

As part of that global commitment, we develop cutting-edge technologies and advancements that serve the benefit of people everywhere, by offering an ideal balance of comfort and ecologically superior products.

We advance Research & Development in the field of super energy-efficient, cleaner technologies and innovative products that not only use significantly less energy but help maintain air quality through state-of-the-art air purification systems for the home and business.

We endeavor to lead by example by delivering the highest quality environmental systems that give added value, and contribute responsibly to the advancement of humankind.

We call this vision, “Advancing the Eco-Evolution”.