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Marriott Grand Hotel

Marriott Grand Hotel

Now the climate in "Marriott the Grandee Hotel" satisfies all the high demand making of 5* hotels.

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Hotel

VRF System:

  • SMMSi
  • 4-Way Cassettes

Marriott Grand Hotel - the five-stars hotel located in the centre of Russia's capital Moscow. Multizone air conditioning system Toshiba SMMSi was installed there in 2007. VRF system precisely maintains a comfort microclimate in the banquet room, conference halls, and also in the suits of Marriott Grand Hotel.

Outdoor units of Toshiba VRF-system are placed so that they are not visible from a facade of historical building. Sixteen blocks (10 НР each), are installed on the office balconies facing a hotel's courtyard.

Indoor units, 4-way cassette, are built in a false ceiling. Very heigh ceilings and the massive chandeliers complicated installation, but the air conditioning system Toshiba SMMSi has been installed quickly and qualitatively without a break of hotel work.

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