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IBM Office Building F31

IBM Office Building F31

This office building exhibits a modern and innovative design on the outside while Toshiba VRF systems satisfies the most demanding quality standards and provides the most confortable environment on the inside. LEED Commercial Interiors 2009 Gold certified on 09/26/2013

  • Heredia, Costa Rica
  • Office Building

VRF SMMSi Systems:

  • Outdoor

- MMY-AP1204HT5 (12HP)

- MMY-AP1404HT5 (14HP)

- MMY-AP1604HT5 (16HP)

  • Indoor

- MMD-AP***4BH-E   (Standard Ducted Type)

Total Capacity: 471 Ton



This is the first IBM Center for Security Operations in Costa Rica and will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitoring the latest security events experienced by IBM's customers. That is why it was so important to choose an air conditioning system that could provide constant confort while yielding energy savings.

IBM Office building F-31, has 5 levels of offices, which where all conditioned with a total of 471 tons of Toshiba VRF air conditioning equipment.
The design of the air conditioning system was done by 
Clima Ideal S.A. and was comprised of 40 outdoor units and 169 standard type ducted units.


This project was developed in conjunction with AFZ, meeting the needs of the end user who is IBM, this project had high quality standards as it intended to achieve LEED certification.

The success story behind this project

From the beginning Clima Ideal S.A. worked with AFZ looking for the best air conditioning solution for the project and the success of the project was attained thanks to the high quality and efficiency of Toshiba VRF system as well as Clima Ideal's design, which together were able to meet the end customer's comfort, quality and efficiency needs.

This is a special project because it was awarded LEED GOLD certification in September 2013.


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