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Arubabank Hato Branch

Arubabank Hato Branch

Creating the best possible banking experience would not have been possible without the comfort of Toshiba VRF systems.

  • Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Commercial Application - Bank

VRF SMMSi Systems:

  • Outdoor

- MMY-AP1624HT5 (16HP) 

- MMY-AP2414HT5 (24HP)

- MMY-AP3614HT5 (36HP)

  • Indoor

- MMD-AP***4BH-E   (Standard Ducted Type)

- MMC-AP***4H-E     (Ceiling Type)

- VN-M***0HE            (Heat Extranger)

Total Capacity: 137.6 Ton


The bank has 2 wings:  (east-wing and west-wing) and an Atrium. The east wing has 3 floor levels (basement, ground floor and first floor) and the west wing has 2 floor levels (ground floor and first floor).

The wings are cooled with Toshiba SMMSi VRF equipment. All Toshiba outdoor units were MMY-MAP1204HT5 except for the server which had 2x MMY-MAP0804HT5 with a total of 15 toshiba CDU’s. All indoor units except for the basement on the east-wing and server room on the east-wing featured standard ducted type units. The server room and basement featured ceiling type indoor units. This building also featured the Toshiba air to air heat exchangers, the building has a total of 6 air to air heat exchanger units (4x VN-M1000HE, 1x VN-M500HE and 1x VN-M350HE).


The customer requested all condenser units to be installed on the roof of the east wing; the two wings are connected to each other through the Atrium which is in between the 2 wings, therefore the piping for the west wing needed to be substantially longer in order to reach all the way from from the east.

The success story behind this project

CHS Technical Contracting Trading Company N.V. managed to engineer a way to place the longer piping in a stealth way and were able to start-up everything even before the due date.