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Whichever market your business is in, TOSHIBA offers the right solutions for you. Find out more about TOSHIBA's customized solutions that are specific to your customer or industry. Click on the following to see a few of the applications that have being done all over the world.


TOSHIBA helps to ensure that the hotel environments are comfortable and energy efficient. Hotel patrons demand the highest standards. TOSHIBA helps to enhance the guest experience which is crucial in securing customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Education & Culture

Whether you're responsible for a single elementary school or an entire university campus, more is expected of you than ever before. TOSHIBA helps to improve the quality of learning environment and meet operational challenges such as increased rising energy and operating costs, aging buildings, and shrinking budgets.

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Tenant satisfaction, investment value, cost-effective operations - a lot is riding on the performance of your commercial building. Owners and managers of commercial buildings around the world turn to the innovative experts at TOSHIBA for peace of mind - and measurable results.

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