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Infrared Remote Controller

Infrared Remote Controller


The wireless controller features an easy to use compact button layout and a temperature sensor which can be used in place of the Indoor Unit Return Air (TA) sensor.


  • Hi Power Mode

The high power operation mode automatically controls room temperature, airflow and operation mode so that the room is quickly cooled in summer and warmed in winter.

  • Quiet mode

The QUIET mode provides quiet operating status by automatically setting the fan speed to the lowest speed. It can be activated by a simple touch of the dedicated button and during operation an icon appear on the display.

  • Comfort sleep mode

This function is an OFF timer operation with automatic temperature and fan speed adjustment to gradually decrease the temperature during the night. It is possible the selection of 1, 3, 5 or 9 hours for the OFF timer operation.

 The wireless controller is available with a series of receiver unit designs. These receivers are specially designed to fit into different indoor unit models to provide a high standard of finish.


TCB-AX32E2                    RBC-AX32CE2

RBC-AX32U(W)-E         RBC-AX23UW(W)-E


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