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Wired Remote Controller

Wired Remote Controller


This is Toshiba’s standard local control device and is suitable for all VRF, DI and SDI systems (Excludes DI Flexi Type).

This control can be connected to a single Indoor unit or a group of up to 8 Indoor units to provide control of all settable aspects of the conditioner.

This control can also be used to make DN Code setting changes and for monitoring of system sensors.

Used to set operating parameters of the connected Indoor Unit and displays the current settings and fault output for that Unit.

This controller can also be used to make configuration settings for the connected Indoor Unit.

Controller Features

  • Room Temperature Sensor in controller Body.
  • Can be used to make Indoor Unit Configuration settings & System Address Setup (DN Codes).
  • External Vent control from Remote Controller.
  • Ceiling Height Compensation settings can be made from this controller.
  • Individual Louver settings can be made from this controller*.
  • 8°C Temperature setting available from this controller (Frost Protection)*.
  • Can be used to monitor various sensor readings and system data throughout the connected system. For Example: Temperature sensors, Total HP of Connected Units, Compressor temps, pressures, compressor currents.

[* RAV-SM**4UT-E & RAV-SM**4SDT-E with RAV_SP**4AT-E Combination only]

Countdown timer

OFF, Repeat OFF, and On Timer settings available. Maximum 128 Hour (7 Day) setting can be made.

Frost Protection

In addition to the standard 18°C - 29°C Set Temperature range available with this controller there is also a special setting available for Frost Protection. Frost Protection allows 8°C set temperature in heating mode.

Benefits of Frost Protection mode

  • Easy Setting of Frost Protection  -  Simply press and hold  the temp button when on 18°C in Heating mode.
  • Low Cost Solution   -  Only requires the RBC-AMT32E Local Controller.
  • Enables local setting of Frost protection mode  -  individually set on each Indoor Unit/group.

Energy Saving Feature

The Energy Saving feature is used to restrict the capacity of the connected system and is set/reset using the Save button on the RBC-AMT32E controller.

Setting this item limits the total capacity of the system to reduce energy consumption.

The default factory setting for capacity limit is 75%, but can be altered using item code DN C2

DN C2 can be set in 1% increments between 50% - 100% Capacity Limit.

Save function will not be reset by Operation OFF, Mode change or Power Supply Reset.

External Vent Control

The External ventilation control allows the control of an external fan (or other equipment) via a 12 VDC Relay output. Available settings There are two form of Vent output control that can be selected using item code DN 31.

  • 0000 - Vent output turn ON/OFF with Indoor Unit ON/OFF
  • 0001 - Vent Output is controller using the vent Button on Controller.