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Smart Manager with Data Analyzer

Smart Manager with Data Analyzer


The Smart Manager has the same hardware control functions as the BMS-CM1280TLE Controller, but also has the ability of control from a Local Area Network and with the use of an additional Interface, is capable of Energy Monitoring and Report Creation Functions.

This controller is ideal where advanced control, Energy Monitoring, advanced scheduling or access to individual Air Conditioners is required from networked computer systems.

  • Same Hardware control features as the BMS-CM1280TLE Controller
  • Can be connected to a single PC or LAN to allow advanced control functions from a Multi-Language Web Browser Display Screen
  • Energy Monitoring and report creation functions available
  • Advanced operation & master schedules can be set on a calendar
  • Additional Digital I/O Device Available
  • Thin profile controller and separate power supply unit enables easy installation. 

Data Analyzer

On a connected local supplied personal computer is possible to view data analysis and energy monitoring.
Advanced operations and settings can be managed with this tool: Set temperature restrictions, save operation modes, peak cut controls on condensing unit.
A set of graphs and detailed reports will help to easily monitor the performance of the system.

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