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2 Way Cassette

2 Way Cassette

Slim, compact, light-weight and easy to install, it fits discretely any room interior, in addition, thanks to its silent operation, this model creates a very pleasant, quiet and comfortable environment.

  • White decoration panel design enable the installation in ceilings together with the standard 4-way cassette.
  • Compact dimensions (height 295mm) and limited weight (19 kg) for units up to 4,5 kW.
  • Unique air flow control with the air current balanced between two directions, for maximum comfort. Fresh air intake inlet to ensure constant air renewal.
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality with standard long-life filters with a wide bended surface to effectively collect dust particles and optional high efficiency filters.
  • Fresh air intake: ensures constant air renewal.
  • High lift condensate pump, with external quick connection and powerful drain pump which raises water up to 850mm.
  • Wide range of accessories, including a wireless infrared remote control kit.


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