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It creates a very pleasant and relaxing environment, diffusing rapidly and uniformly the required temperature, in cooling and heating modes.

  • This model is the best solution for ceilings where are not present or is possible to build voids.
  • It can be used for a wide range of applications, but is particularly recommended for refurbishment projects.
  • The unit features a high-lift drain pipe (600 mm).
  • Optimum louver control: air flow angle is automatically set to the most suitable setting according to your cooling or heating needs, and an automatic swing mode enables air flow to reach all areas in the room.
  • Selectable piping connection position: three possibilities (top, rear or right side of the unit) for the refrigerant and two possibilities (top, rear) for the condensate drain.
  • This unit has a dedicated pre-punched knock-out hole for allowing the connection with a fresh air supply pipe.


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