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New Generation of 2 Pipe Outdoor Unit. High performance VRF unit with highly efficient DC twin rotary compressors and state of the art vector driven inverter. The SMMS-e has been creatively developed and designed under the concept of EXCELLENCE, EXPANSION and EXPERIENCE to ensure your upmost comfort and convenience like never before.


The four key components innovations at the core of the SMMS-evolution:

  • COMPRESSOR - New design and technologies
  • HEAT EXCHANGER - Slimmer and more efficient
  • VRF CONTROL - Intelligent refrigerant management
  • FAN - New blades shapes
  • Up to 22HP in a single module Outdoor Unit.


New features and evolution of existing features, designed to improve the VRF experience for customers, installers, engineers and architects

  • Energy saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Intelligent VRF control
  • Wider capacity
  • Reduced footprint
  • Operating temperature range
  • Installation flexibility
  • Reliability
  • SMMS wave tool



 Evolution and Future.jpg

HFC.png         Inverter.png

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