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The 2-pipe VRF SMMSi operates with R-410A refrigerant and incorporates the latest inverter technology in all outdoor unit models. In addition, the SMMS incorporates twin-inverter compressors in every outdoor unit. The capacities range from 14 to 135 kW in cooling mode and 16 to 150 kW in heating mode with the capability to serve up to 48 indoor units.

  •  New DC twin rotary compressor with outstanding capacity under partial load drive to improve efficiency and comfort.
  • Fast calculating vector-controlled inverter to exploit the compressor’s full potential and provide smoother operation with optimized energy savings.
  • Piping flexibility increases the design options; up to 235m in equivalent length and 40 m of height difference (equivalent to 11 floors).
  • Compressor shield and unit casing designed to reduce the vibration and contain the noise levels.
  • New patended four blades fan propeller with a large diameter (740mm) and a high power motor.
  • Y shape pipe joints. This joint reduces the number of bends with consequent tidier installation and more regular refrigerant flow in the gas pipe circuit.
  • 13 different indoor unit models available in 81 sizes ensure system flexibility.


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