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With its sophisticated technology of the R410A Super Heat Recovery Multi System(SHRMi), Toshiba offers superior application flexibility and unrivalled capabilities. The incorporation of two new DC twin-rotary compressors and dual-inverter drives is unique for Toshiba's outdoor units. A sequence control ensures that the operating hours of all compressors are even. This increases the reliability, since the starting and operating loads are spread evenly.

  • Large capacity units with three compressors and three inverter (12 and 14 HP).
  • 5 outdoor unit model line-up that can be installed in 18 different combination up to a capacity of 42 HP.
  • Complete range of VRF indoor unit including air to air heat exchangers.
  • Precise refrigerant control with the Toshiba unique technology of header sub-branches configuration.
  • Extended piping capabilities up to 500m of total length and 50m of height.
  • Great performances in cold climate; the SHRM-i units operates with an outside temperature down to -10°C in cooling and -20°C in heating.
  • Wide range of Toshiba controls including the new smart manager with data analyzer.
  • Compact size 14. The introduction of this unit will reduce installation space and allow outdoor combinations up to 42HP.


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